Decluttering Your Mind So You Can Speak
Have you ever felt like your life was closing in on you? Everything is crashing all around you. You don’t know how to keep afloat. You feel like you can’t move forward in life. Sometimes when life hits, you feel like hiding. Maybe even hiding behind alcohol, drugs, or even food.
I have had issues with my eating habits for as long as I can remember. I craved food, especially when I was dealing with emotional trauma. I would eat to comfort myself when I felt rejected or isolated from others. Being an introvert, I stayed to myself most of the time because I always felt no one wanted to be around me and food was my best friend. I would not speak up and tell people what needed to be said because I worried they might not want to listen to me.
My food addiction filled my mind with feelings of pain, hurt, and rejection on the one hand. But, on the other hand, with all of that weighing me down, there was no way I could talk and share what I was feeling or how I am God’s masterpiece created in His image.
My focus was always on negative thinking and self-sabotage, so I could not show up and speak up in the world because I did not believe in myself.
Something had to change! If I was to be set free from hiding in shame and feeling guilty all the time for the things I ate, I had to be delivered. I had to give my life to Christ so that He could begin the heart work I so desperately needed.
Psalm 71:23-24a says, “My lips will shout for joy when I sing praises to you-I whom you have delivered. My tongue will tell of your righteous acts all day long.” When the Lord began my open-heart transplant, my life began to change. My heart and body are changing and restored to God.
It is essential to know that when you accept Christ, we are all called to speak up as the Word says, “Go ye therefore and teach all nations...” You cannot teach if you do not open your mouth. So while listening to preacher’s talk is all well and good, you need to find your voice in this world.
Decluttering your mind is so helpful for speaking up. As you clean up all the areas in your life-your home, your mind, your thoughts-become free and clear of distractions-then, you will be able to begin planning for what you choose to say.
If your background is messy and loud, your audience will focus on what’s behind you rather than what you say. So take some time to practice and speak up for Jesus.
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