Our faith-based community provides Biblically-based coaching and training to help women and moms come away from limiting beliefs about their health and move towards healing for the mind, body, and spirit. Our goal is to heal from the inside out to thrive and enjoy life as God predestined you to do!


I have lived life stuck in numbness, struggled with obesity, broke and in debt, and with a mindset that was so negative that I did not know whether or not I was coming or going.

I love being able to get people unstuck from where they are and helping them to see the light at the end of the tunnel as I have been able to.
I have a heart for God, the Father, Jesus, the Son, and the Holy Spirit that lives in us! I have a heart for those who struggle with figuring out how to love their bodies from the inside out and being okay with who God made them be.
I am a Chronic Illness Specialist who helps African American women break free from generational beliefs about chronic illness by getting to the root cause of the issue, which is often trauma-related.  

Using holistic measures, I help families break these generational beliefs in order to thrive, physically and mentally, today and for generations to come! 

I believe we were brought together to learn from each other while transforming into a new mindset from overwhelmed to restful and relaxed. Let's live genuinely as we show the world we are conquerors accomplishing all that God has for us to do while also resting in His presence.

Are you ready? Join me as I serve in helping you become healed, healthy, and whole.

Tabitha King, Chronic Illness Specialist

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Wellness & Wholeness

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Come join my community of heart-centered chronic pain over-comers who have dealt with dis-ease, stress, pain, and anxiety, who are now showing up ready to grow in faith, share their stories, increase their income, and succeed beyond measure.

It’s your time for miracles to happen and success to begin.


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For the Month of February, to celebrate Heart Awareness Month, Please join me in this "Happy Hearts Challenge
All you need is 2 Bottles of Bergamot (15 mL) 


Tabitha King is Now a 
#1 Best-selling Author!
First of many stories to come...
I am super excited about this collaboration with all these beautiful ladies who tell their deepest stories, and I become very transparent about how I suffered from emotional trauma in a date rape situation and I am no longer living in fear of sharing my story with the world. I pray it encourages someone on their journey to know you are loved and you have a voice in this world!


Tabitha's Journals
Journaling is one method of helping people cope with any type of traumatic event. Expressive writing has been found to improve physical and psychological health for people with a number of physical and mental health conditions. Check out my journals for yourself, and spousal relationships, and begin to see changes happening!

Do you have difficulty controlling your emotions? A great way to release your emotions is by journaling. Journaling helps you make sense of your emotions, pinpoint triggering patterns, and also gain relief.
This journal was written to help you write your emotions on paper so you can become aware of how you're feeling, stop hiding your feelings from yourself, and accept all of your emotions-positive and negative.
There's evidence that chronic stress can cause health issues like migraines, digestive problems, and even chronic pain.
The goal of this journal is to check your feelings-morning and night-while also do a weekly mental check-up to break free from generational trauma and create new habits for building a positive lifestyle.  

How do you deal with being stuck in your thoughts and the overwhelming places of life? This planner helps you get several areas of your life under control while taking every thought captive (see 2 Cor. 10:5) and begin writing the vision and making it plain (see Hab. 2:2). These are principles to start living by as you are transforming your mind to be in Christ Jesus as He leads you to a more evident mindset for life. Take time to plan your days so that you do not feel overwhelmed with the things you have to do, but be at ease with knowing you have a plan and set goals and stick to them.   

Are you interested in focusing on those memories from the preached word in order to build up your spiritual growth? This journal helps you to keep those notes and meditations you have in one place so you can go back to it throughout the week as you also pray and contemplate different insights within God's Word. This journal offers space for your sermon notes, prayers, meditations, and positive affirmations that you speak over yourself as you study and receive a new truth for your life. 

When you are having hard times in marriage, it is good to speak positive things to each other. Speaking life over your lifelong partner is crucial for your marriage. If you don't know how to affirm your spouse, this is a good way to begin learning. Write down your thoughts and begin to see a transformation.

This journal was made in hopes of helping you to write your feelings, thoughts, dreams, emotions, prayers, and whatever you are feeling deep inside on paper so you can begin to grow, and start to flourish in your life!

Pebbles on a road... can be beautiful or jagged. Just like your innermost thoughts in a marriage, these pages are for you to share anything from your most intimate to your rockiest moments. Communication is a great way to pave the way to success. Tell your significant other just how you feel without speaking to bring clarity and harmony to light. Just like pebbles on a road can be found anywhere, this journal can be left anywhere in the house for your partner to pick it up and read and share. Your thoughts and feelings can be communicated anywhere. James 1:19 says, "Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry." In this way, you find ways to keep calm and enjoy a beautiful growing relationship.  

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