Feelings and Commitment: The Wishy-Washy Approach (Part 2)

Feelings and Commitment: The Wishy-Washy Approach (Part 2)
As I’m working on health goals, I decided to walk a mile every day and drink eight cups of water while eating at least two healthy meals a day, and I realize that’s not hard, but doable. When it comes to my business, I realize I hadn’t shown up consistently, and I am choosing to write a blog post and go live daily so I can begin building my stamina for ministry, and I hope that my ministry shows my integrity through and through. When you’re all over the place and don’t know what you are going to do when it’s inconsistent, people need to see consistency and commitment.
The next level of commitment is the wishy-washy approach. First, they commit, get through the first stumbling blocks, but are inconsistent. At this point, the mind is led by emotions but they have to master their mind. After a few setbacks, they lose patience-“Where’s my man, my breakthrough, my stuff?” and then give up. They think the resistance is God telling them they are on the wrong track instead of believing the truth that the setbacks are helping them to break free of their old conditioning.
It’s time to push forward with your commitments. Don’t stay in a place of striving for a quick fix or feel you need to be rescued. Rather, grow yourselves into receiving what you want through the obstacles that arise along the way. On this route, your goal is about feeling better but it's based on the foundation of escaping a perceived pain.
In the next blog post, I will share about the top level of commitment and the difference between Top-Committers and the other levels. I hope this series is helping you to reach your goals and build towards success. 
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