What To Do When You’re Feeling Stuck and Unmotivated…

What To Do When You’re Feeling Stuck and Unmotivated…
Have you been feeling like you are going around and around in a circle and don’t know which way to go? Have you been tired of doing everything the “right” way, but you have not seen any progress as of yet? I have been there and done that. Sometimes you feel like everything in front of you is very dismal and you want to give up after you have come so far. 
I am here to plead with you not to give up. At this very moment in your life, you are being stretched past what you are used to, and you are frustrated because it is not easy, nor is it comfortable. Your finances are locked up and you don’t know how you are going to pay your bills. You are feeling like you are tired of eating all the healthy foods because you don’t have the money to go forward with what you are used to spending on food, yet you have enough to go and buy something quick and easy because you are not feeling cooking and standing over the stove.
In these moments, let us focus on turning back to God because you are at a crossroads, and you are being tested. Don’t give up. Continue to believe in your destination and you will get there in due season. Just stay the course. There are promises that we tend to let fall by the wayside because we get tired of the way things are going but hold on just a little while longer. 
Don’t allow the “blahs” feeling to control you or your life. Here are some healthy ways to help you regain motivation and get back on top of things in the right direction.
Take a Break
Everyone has their own way of doing things, and there is no right or wrong way to do it, but if you are working diligently and working over a long period of time, it requires a break. Give yourself some grace when you have been working hard on exercising and eating right. Don’t beat yourself up when you go out and eat something non-healthy. Just get back on track after your break. 
Cut Yourself Off from Social Media
Have you ever found yourself on an ongoing scroll through social media but you are losing time and getting nowhere? Been there done that. Take some time to regroup and move away from social media so you can get clarity and a fresh awakening for your goals. Make a certain time for checking notifications, and otherwise, turn off your social news feed to begin making your day productive. 
Let Go
We tend to overthink and overanalyze things even when we have a decision already made. We start to rethink and make things worse, but sometimes you just need to act, no matter what’s coming, or how stressful things feel.
Make a To-Do List and Track Your Time
When you have a huge agenda, you can lose motivation because of the number of tasks to do, so it is necessary to put the tasks in order, and only focus on the 3 main assignments so you begin to have a clear picture of what to do next. Also, studies have shown when a time-tracker is implemented, productivity can be improved. This reduces anxiousness and allows you to be more efficient. 
Start Small
When motivation disappears, and you still have a lot of work to do, start with something easy, can be done quickly, and doesn’t require much effort. Even the small wins are encouraging as you have finished a task and finishing something that has been long-awaited tends to raise the spirit. You even feel like doing more when you get something finished.
Add fun to what you are doing
No matter if you are earning money to buy a house or losing weight, the more pleasant it feels to do a thing, the more you desire to continue. One of my mentors told me when exercising, if you cannot smile, don’t do it. It only keeps you frustrated, and you are not winning in that feeling. Smile and breathe deeply and make it fun. Don’t like jogging? Dance. Don’t want to write an article? Change the topic. Make your efforts fun and joyful as you remain at peace in your situations.
Visualize the Dream
A constant reminder of your goals and dreams printed on your wall, or on your computer as a screensaver will keep you focused and enthusiastic about the results. You will motivate yourself even more through visualization.
Reward Yourself
It can take months or even years to get to your final weight or earn a certain amount in business. Reward yourself to stay enthusiastic about your goals. Celebrate your victories as you set up checkpoints to see your progress. You are a winner and remember to keep motivated and don’t lose hope!

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