What Does Wellness Mean to You?

What Does Wellness Mean to You?

As someone living with chronic illness, wellness may have a deeper meaning. It goes beyond being able to make a breakfast smoothie and going for a jog. It means paying close attention to your physical as well as your mental health; knowing when to push, when to rest, and when to be forgiving or carve out time for self-care. It’s also very important to acknowledge that this definition can and does change for most who live with chronic pain day by day. For example, if you are dealing with a flare-up or dealing with fatigue, you may not be able to get up in those moments like you’d like to.

What does wellness mean to you? I’m curious to know how you deal with chronic illness. Are you trying to be a superwoman and move beyond what you are capable of at the moment? Are you overly busy and do not take the time to notice your wellness needs yourself? Or are you listening to your body and making adjustments when necessary?

As you read on, think about which definition makes the most sense for you.

Wellness is living as healthy as possible and understanding certain circumstances. Some great practices involve getting enough rest, having a “lazy” day, making sure to have a little fun and laughter, fresh air, eating/drinking for maximum nutrition, and exercise.

Wellness is a measure of overall health (physical, mental/intellectual, and emotional). In fact, there are actually six dimensions for the wellness model according to Dr. Bill Hettler. The other four (because mental and emotional goes together) are social, occupational, and spiritual. Wellness means all-encompassing (body, mind, heart, soul) dedication to caring for oneself, each other, and our planet, however, we all need support to even come close to it.

Wellness is being able to listen to your body, and if you need rest, rest. Get a nice relaxing massage to quiet down your mind and calm your nerves at least twice a month. Sometimes you just need to quiet the storms around you. Learn to enjoy your life while you still have time. It’s doable!!! All you have to do is believe you can and no matter how bad you may feel in the moment, it does not last always. In the moments you feel good, do something fun and joyful. Find what works best for you!

If this is helping you, join my community where I share more golden nuggets, tips, and tricks for becoming well and whole in the midst of chronic illness. My goal is to help you ladies transform from chronic illness, generational trauma, and cycles of pain into a lifetime of wellness! 

Also, take some time and write down in your own Self-Care planner/journal what you are able to do each day for self-care. Every accomplishment counts-no matter how small or big. You are an overcomer and a champion if you put forth the effort to change bit by bit day by day.

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