When I had my baby, she was so beautiful and radiant, but because of my stress and anxiety, she leaned further towards her father, and I was still feeling alone. She was a daddy’s girl and very happy when he got home from work, but he made me deal with everything that was serious with the baby. She was sick one night and needed to go to the hospital, but he could not be bothered. While I was already dealing with the pain and suffering in my marriage, I had to continue to deal with my baby being sick all alone. I got her in the car with tears in my eyes, and I took her to the emergency room. While I wanted her to love me in the same way she loved her dad, I sat with my feelings and did what any mom would do for their baby. I was there for her despite how I was feeling.
I started to resent my ex-husband because of the bond he shared with our daughter. While he was hurting me, she loved him unconditionally.  I did not know how to deal with my feelings at the time. Things became worse because as I sat in a house with a baby all day, wanting to make sure he had everything he needed for work, cooking, and keeping the house how he wanted it when I felt okay, I was suffering and tired of feeling miserable. 

Anxiety disorders are incredibly common. They affect an estimated 40 million people in the United States, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America.
Moms, if you feel like you are resenting someone or angry about how things are going in your life, give your burdens to the Lord, and truly leave them there. My oils and emotions class is available to all who want to learn how to release those emotions that are causing you grief and pain. Check it out here.
Also, I am making a journal for moms who struggle with knowing how to deal with their thoughts. This way you can have something to write down your feelings in and be able to release them from your internal body. Journaling really helps with getting stuff out of your mind so you can begin to thrive and be successful in life. Healing begins when we start to let it go and let those memories go.
My course for moms with babies is available now and you can take advantage of this course at a discounted price if you read this blog post and apply the code VIP in there because you are IMPORTANT, and I cherish you and want you to be blessed by learning how to love yourself first so you can begin loving your babies as you truly desire to do.

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