Have You Been Dismissed By Your Doctors?
Trust is an essential part of healthcare. When we feel poorly, we visit our doctor with our hopes high, trusting that he/she will help us to heal. We bring them our concerns, our list of symptoms, our history, and our questions. In exchange, we expect answers, or at the very least an effort to find answers.

What if we feel like our trust isn’t returned? What if our symptoms are dismissed or our story considered unlikely? What do we do if we feel strongly in our gut that something is wrong despite the medical expert who says we’re fine and we can go home? Or we’re told it’s just stress, or a touch of the flu, or a common childhood illness? Or the worst dismissal heard by so many: it’s all in your head?

Sis, I have been there and sat through it on many, many occasions. I know how you feel! Check out my YouTube video where I share a brief experience I've endured: https://youtu.be/Wzsxjk0yooU

Being ignored by your healthcare professional is one of the most common complaints heard by patient advocates, healthcare reporters, and now social media. Twitter blew up with the hashtag #PatientsAreNotFaking in reaction to a video by a nurse making fun of a patient exaggerating her symptoms. 

Sis, it’s time to take control of your healthcare. Are you ready to begin the healing process? After experiencing so much hurt from being told I’m only stressed and with such symptoms, there was no help for me but a whole lot of medications that kept me doped up, I found out the need to begin healing from within.

In six months of working with me, I will teach you how to do just that! When I got serious about being an advocate for my own health, I learned so much about how to take care of my own heart first, how to recognize my own value, how to understand what I needed to heal my own body. I’m still a work in progress as long as I’m living, but the great thing about this is I’ve been on this road to success for some time now, and I can teach you in the next six months how to live having a lifetime of wellness. I will teach you about mindset, dealing with emotions, how to break generational cycles and generational traumas being released in your life, how to establish healthy relationships, and how to have an attitude of gratitude while moving away from any anxiety you may be dealing with.

Sis, I’m all about helping and serving you as you move through your journey towards healing. Sis, it’s in you! Go ahead and reach out to me today so you can receive the knowledge and revelations you need to live free from chronic pain with wholeness and wellness at the top of your list of goals. I’m ready to work with you! Click on the link to schedule your Triumph Over Chronic Illness Activation Call so we can get you moving towards healing.
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