Quick to Forgive
Have you ever had the urge to hold grudges because someone has deeply hurt you? Did it hurt so badly that you don’t ever want the other person to forget that you’re angry and hurt because of it? Well, Sis, I must tell you, while you are stewing over something that has hurt you, the other person is not dealing with your pain. Unfortunately, the only one dealing with this pain is you. You may want them to feel your wrath because it’s agonizing to you, but it is important to learn how to drop that situation and let it go. 

But you might say, how do I let it go? Well, the way to do so is to refuse to think or talk about it. Get the offense off your mind and out of your mouth, and your wounds and raging emotions will calm down.

I know you say “that’s easier said than done,” but Sis, I want you to know, “ALL things are possible with Christ.” One of the biggest reasons why we do not flourish in life is because we are trying to do things in our own strength. If we are always focused on how to get back at somebody else, wouldn’t that be God’s job? Why are we trying to take on revenge for ourselves when we would be at peace in this world if we just learned to let it go?

The Bible says, “Cast all your anxieties and cares upon Him, for He cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7). One thing I do know is when you stop trying to push the issue of holding on to unforgiveness in your heart, things begin to shift towards a greater feeling of joy. When you learn to manage your emotions, you will start to see how to have peace on earth and enjoy your life with so much freedom.

Sis, if you are tired of dealing with the pain and burdens of holding on to unforgiveness, reach out to me to schedule a Discovery Call so we can see where you are on your healing journey. Schedule your Triumph Over Chronic Illness Call so we can get to the roots of the dis-ease in your body:  https://bit.ly/3bPGjtI. I will guide you on this path for the next six months as you walk towards a lifetime of wellness. See you soon.
Also, check out my corresponding YouTube video where you can see more about managing your emotions: https://youtu.be/03ZR4KTZocI
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