Are You Afraid of Being Asked “Why?"
Do you struggle with feeling ashamed of where you are in life? Are you afraid of what people might think of you if you shared why you feel the way you do? For example, I have felt like everyone else around me was succeeding in life while I did a lot of suffering and being frustrated with where I was and overwhelmed with life in general.
Recently, I had an opportunity to move from worrying about my weight towards a heart of love for Jesus. I got so excited about this course, but it made my heart sink when I found out how much it was. While I wanted this so badly, as she has been my mentor for a little while, my family and I have been struggling financially, so I didn’t want to take any money from the household to put it towards something that may or may not help me.
So, I had already told her I was excited about it, and I would have the money by Friday, which in reality, she was not asking for much, but as time progressed and it didn’t look like I would have the money, I declined. I was so upset about it, and when she got back to me, she didn’t just text but sent a voice message and said to me, “What’s called you overthinking your decision as you were so excited at first? She said there’s no pressure, but she wholeheartedly believed what she had could help.
I got a little angry when she began to ask me why I changed my mind, and my thoughts went towards not doing it because while she didn’t sound like a telemarketer, my pessimistic side came out, and I wanted to believe she was in it for just the money. BUT GOD! While I continued getting real negative within myself, God had already worked it out for me.
I was overthinking things and stressing over my current situation instead of looking forward to my destination of becoming healthy and whole! The devil tries to keep us in deceptive moments where we do not believe we can get past our current circumstances, but I am a living witness; when putting your first foot forward, God will do the rest!
It has been the best decision of my life! I honestly see God in a new light and see people in a new way. My heart is for serving women who feel ashamed and afraid to move forward in life and not take that leap of faith because of current circumstances. But, I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone. We can walk this journey together as you learn to share your story and speak up in this life.
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