7 Shocking Facts About Studying the Bible (Part 5)

Do you ever find yourself trying to live a certain way after receiving knowledge and becoming aware but end up falling short? For example, when I eat, I find that I have issues with letting go of the tastes of food that aren't good for me, but I know it is essential for my health to let go of those foods. Healthy eating can be delicious, but you need to find a way to make it fun and easy without letting it take on a dreadful mindset within you. 


A condition that is important to follow is implicit obedience (John 7:17). To have spiritual power, you must discover the divine plan, conform to it and cooperate with it, but if you want a spiritual blessing, be perfectly obedient to every divine suggestion and command, and blessedness is yours. 


Whenever a discovery comes from Scripture, it takes time to get it in your system entirely. Then, it must be translated into conduct and incorporated into character. When a lot of knowledge gets crammed in your head, you are hazardous and most unstable. It is liable to fall over at any moment.  


Truth must percolate from the head down into the heart. There must be a moral response, and an attitude assumed that should correlate to reality. If I draw back and refuse to obey the light given, God will provide no further light until living up to what I have and act upon the knowledge offered. 


Spiritually arrested development often happens because of disobedience, and nine-tenths of intellectual difficulty has an ethical root. If men did what they knew to be correct, their doubts would melt away in the doing. 


Where I have struggled, I am writing to hold myself accountable and begin to read Scriptures that will strengthen me where I am weak. Focusing on God in areas where you are vulnerable is the best and only way to get past how you look at different situations. Changing your mindset and being open to new ways of living, and leveling up to be where God wants you to take great strength, and your character will be positively growing as you do so. 


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