A Little Danger Won't Hurt: Are You Praying Too Safely?
It's easy to become comfortable in our prayers- the repeated words, the familiar phrases, and the safe requests. But, are we limiting ourselves by staying in our safe prayer bubble? As Christian women, prayer is our lifeline to God. It's our chance to not only ask for what we need, but to also connect with Him on a deeper level. If we're constantly praying within our comfort zone, are we really expanding our relationship with Christ? 

Let's be real- praying outside of our comfort zone can be scary. But, the beauty of prayer is that it's a conversation with God, and conversations require vulnerability. So, why not take that same vulnerability into our prayers? Step out of your comfort zone and ask for something that seems impossible. Shoot your shot and ask for that promotion at work, even if it seems risky. Ask for forgiveness for something you've been too ashamed to confess. 

Dare to pray over the things you've never dreamed of before. The Bible says that faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains (Matthew 17:20). So why not start by asking for those impossible things? You never know, God may just surprise you.

Another way to pray outside of our comfort zones is by listening for God's voice. We're all guilty of talking at God in our prayers, but what if we took a moment to listen? Listen for His guidance in tough situations, listen for His confirmation in decisions we're hesitant to make, and listen for His comfort on difficult days. When we quiet our minds and listen for His voice, we open ourselves up to an even deeper connection with God.

Praying for others' needs is also a great way to step out of our comfort zones. When we take the attention off of ourselves and focus on the needs of others, we open ourselves up to an even deeper level of empathy and compassion. Praying for those we deem "difficult" can also be a challenge, but it allows us to put into practice what it truly means to love our neighbors as ourselves.

But, let's not forget- praying outside of our comfort zones means accepting the possibility of rejection. There may be times when we don't get the answer we wanted. There may be times when we don't get an answer at all. Praying for God's will over our own means surrendering control and ultimately trusting that His plans are better than ours. It may not always be easy, but it's worth it.

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In conclusion, praying outside of our comfort zones may seem scary, but it's worth the risk. It's a chance to deepen your relationship with God, trust in His plans, and practice vulnerability. So, next time you pray, ask for the impossible, listen for God's voice, and pray for others. Remember, a little danger won't hurt.

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