Wellness Wednesday: Geneyus Essential Oil
August is all about the young and young at heart, and this product is one we reach for repeatedly - GeneYus essential oil blend.

KidScents GeneYus essential oil blend is our go-to blend for focus, especially for our children! This blend offers a beautiful, rich aroma that promotes an atmosphere of inspiration, productivity, and positivity that is ideal for concentrating on projects or schoolwork. KidScents GeneYus is excellent to diffuse when children need to re-center during homework time.

  • Helps create a sharp, fresh environment that is great while children work on schoolwork and projects
  • Excellent to diffuse while working for a productive, positive atmosphere
  • Promotes an environment for inspiration with a blend of premium essential oils
  • Formulated without mineral oil, synthetic perfumes, wheat, soy, corn, synthetic dyes, or artificial colors
  • Prediluted for delicate skin and easy application
KidScents GeneYus can be diffused or used topically to promote a focused environment and inspire creativity. Formulated specifically to meet the needs of children, this essential oil blend is soothing when used topically with gentle massage and adds an excellent aroma to create productive positive atmospheres. 

KEY INGREDIENTS KidScents GeneYus contains many essential oils that work well together to promote a sense of calm and focus. Frankincense, Vetiver, and Cedarwood are high in sesquiterpenes, constituents that are specifically supportive of calming brain waves into focused or even meditative states. These oils combine with other oils like Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood and Northern Lights Black Spruce to create a blend that promotes a productive, calm and grounded atmosphere.
KEY CONSTITUENTS *Constituents are naturally occurring compounds in plants (and therefore essential oils) that give them specific health-supporting properties Sesquiterpenes: deliver oxygen molecules to the cells (the same way red blood cells deliver hemoglobin), stimulate the limbic system of the brain to elevate the mood and calm the body. 
  • Sesquiterpene compounds help oxygenate the pineal and pituitary glands - the glands responsible for producing hormones related to sleep and stress.
  • Sesquiterpenes stimulate Beta Wave Production in the brain, which helps with alertness. When we are performing activities that require extensive focus, our brains need to produce more beta waves. Sesquiterpene compounds support our ability to do just that. 
  • Sesquiterpene compounds help delete traumatic or negative information in cellular memory, so they can be helpful when undergoing a trauma - chemical trauma, physical trauma, or emotional trauma. 
ESSENTIAL OILS + FOCUS are a great tool when it comes to focusing! This is in part because essential oils have tiny molecules that can effectively cross the blood-brain barrier. The smell is the only sense with receptor nerve endings directly to the brain, which is why inhaling essential oils is the most effective way to address anything brain or emotion-related because you bypass that barrier altogether.

Dr. Terry Friedmann conducted a study with children and essential oils using EGG testing of brain waves while administering the TOVA mental focus test. He had an unmedicated “low focus” group and a normal control group and administered the oils Vetiver, Cedarwood, and Lavender by having kids inhale the oil deeply three times separately over the course of 30 days. He found a 32% improvement in mental focus in the Vetiver group, similar results in the Cedarwood group, and no changes in the Lavender group.

  • Apply 2−4 drops directly to the desired area (the back of the neck is a great place to apply this blend)
  • Pack a roller in your child's backpack for him or her to use as needed throughout the day. Apply over the heart, on the wrists, and back of the neck.
  • Recommended application is for children ages 2−12.
  • Dilution is not required, except for the most sensitive skin.
  • Add a few drops to diffuser jewelry or a paracord bracelet for your child to inhale as needed throughout the day. 
  • Keep the roller by the front door and have everyone roll some on the back of their neck before they leave for school. If you don't have the roller, then apply one drop of the oil to the desired area.
  • Diffuse alone or add any other oils of your choice. This is wonderful during homework, during homeschool, while working on a project, etc. 
  • Keep a bottle handy during school work and take deep inhales as needed.
  • This blend isn't just for kids! GeneYus is a great choice for adults and anyone needing some extra support when it comes to focusing.
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