Feelings and Commitment Don’t Mix (Part 1)
When you think of marriage or other committed relationships it is natural to also think the commitment is bound by feelings. You want to have loving feelings for that person you spend your life with, but the commitment piece should not be driven by feelings. One of the main reasons people divorce or break up is when people “fall out of love” and abandon the commitment when the relationship has challenges. This goes for any goal you set in life-personal development, your career, or building a business, if you let your feelings dictate your commitment level, you will always lose.
Your feelings will tell you to stay in your comfort zone, avoid pain and struggle. Being committed means I am going to stick to this goal regardless of discomfort. When you begin the journey of committing to finding love, changing your life or career, first you have to make a conscious decision and commitment.
You generally begin all excited and hopeful until the first setback…and then, your level of commitment reaches its first big test. Most of the time people fall into the lowest level of commitment and stop at the first sign of struggle because it is too hard and are too depressed or angry to keep moving.
These people are the ones who never change their life and blame external circumstances on their failure to get what they want. They are slaves to outer influences and feel victimized. They think it should be easier and stay in the path of least resistance. It’s time to move past comfort zones into a higher level of commitment.
For most of my life I was told how I would never finish anything, and instead of not receiving that, I accepted what was spoken over me, and I internalized it until it became my reality, and I lived in victim mode. Well, I recently found out I do not have to receive that. In fact, I am recommitting to my goals. When making goals, since I am used to getting overwhelmed with my commitments, I realize the need to make smaller, specific goals so I will not lose focus and overwhelm myself.
What is your level of commitment? What do you want to create in the coming year? Write your comments below!

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