If you are desiring to move from a place of defeat to an overcomer, and you have dealt with chronic pain or chronic illness for quite some time, 
check out my website for more helpful ideas on becoming the overcomer you desire to be!

This faith-based group is for African-American women/moms who desire to break free from generational beliefs about chronic illness 
by getting to the root cause of the issue, which is often trauma-related. They usually have challenges with pain and suffering.

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As a Chronic Illness Coach, I specialize in helping African American women break free from generational trauma and cycles of chronic dis-ease in their bodies while helping them become more aware of emotional and mental health needs for everyone. I use Biblical principles and holistic measures to help acknowledge the root causes for their symptoms as they heal from within so their children and children's children no longer have those chains upon their lives. 

In my blog, you will find many articles about my life, and research in the chronic pain field that helps you to identify ways to become healthy and whole. Check out my blog to become more educated about breaking free from cycles of chronic pain/chronic illness.

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